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Eyedeas International Omnichannel Retails

What is Eyedeas QR
Onimichannel Retailing

Eyedeas BPO Omnichannel retail refers to the approach of integrating one of more channels and touchpoints accessed with a simple QR Code to create a seamless, cohesive & concise shopping experience for customers.   It is a strategy that aims to provide a consistent and convenient experience for customers, regardless of how they choose to interact with a retailer, whether online, in-store, or through a mobile device.

Overall, the goal of the Eyedeas Omnichannel Retail is to provide a seamless and convenient viewing experience, regardless of which Portal our Clients choose that allows customers use to interact with the retailer instantly, which in turn can help to build loyalty and increase customer satisfaction.

How many points are you scoring

with your customers?


  •    Portals accessed by a QR Code
  •    Bite-Size content for quick views 
  •    Pictures/Videos tell a 1,000 words
  •    Brilliant on Mobile
  •    Quick tap connect to contacts
  •    View by categories
  •    Very fast loading
  •    Always on phone access


  •    QR Code remains on users phones
  •    Update any Portal quickly
  •    Some Portals incl. free advertising
  •    Promote time-limited deals
  •    Know your Visitor Statistics
  •    Promote across any medium
  •    Low cost & all Media compatibility

What Are Your QR Ominichannel Options?


Example Used - Sydney Online Home Show (Demo)

  • Large Advertising Budget
  • For virtually any industry
  • Low cost for max exposure
  • Scan to view Demo 

Example Used - Social Living Real Estate - (Demo)

  • Instant contact connect
  • For virtually any industry
  • Dramatically scales inquiry
  • Scan to view Demo

Example Used - Sydney Retailers (Demo)

  • Large Advertising Budget
  • Very Low Cost p/mth
  • For all types of businesses
  • Scan to view Demo

Quickly Drive Your Event Highlights to the Masses

  • Drives people to info portal
  • Quick access to details
  • Low cost for max exposure
  • For virtually any event

Maximize Outdoor/Indoor Advertising

  • Immediate on-the-spot info
  • Convert hot prospects
  • Any Out/Indoor Advertisers
  • Maximizes Advertising Spend

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